Coming to terms of An Amazing Reality

Today I discovered a natural phenomenon although I and almost all of us has heard this many times before.

Children exploring a mall @
Children exploring a mall @

So my wife insisted that we go in the nearby shopping mall over the weekend, she wanted jacket and winter wear, it’s spine chilling cold here after all. So I agreed and we were soon at the mall.

To my surprise the mall was so crowded and I saw people buying stuff like crazy.

It led me to conclude:

Women were doing the shopping as if it were the end; there won’t be any stuff available after this day. The jackets, pullovers, bedsheets, tops, bottoms, skirts all are going to be extinct from tomorrow. It’s in the female DNA to shop till you drop.

As a counterpart when it comes to the other sex: Men who hang out in the bars and booze they keep on repeating  this is the last one, as if this is the end of the holy liquid and they  will be deprived from tomorrow. So they would take until they cannot hold themselves, break the crockery, mess with people and puke.

 So what alcohol is to men shopping is to women.

This reminds me of another snippet:

Man texts his wife who is away from the last 2 weeks and here is what happens:

Husband:  Darling, how you doing?

Wife: I am good, are you missing me.

Husband: Yes

Wife: And what do you do when you miss me.

Husband: I eat your favourite choco fudge ice cream with extra nuts and watch your favourite movie, and do you miss me.

Wife: Yes

Husband: And what do you do when you miss me.

Wife: I take 4 shots of Johnie Walker, complimented by 2 Marlboro and then I don’t remember what happens thereafter.

This post was intended to be written in humor, with no allegations to any male/female/alcoholics/smokers/shopaholics and to husbands and wifes.

My wife is going to kill me after she reads this … Enjoy your week ahead.

2 thoughts on “Coming to terms of An Amazing Reality

  1. Hi Carol, thanks a lot for your kind words of appreciation. Love to hear that you like my simplicity, I like to out it plain and raw, At times I feel we don’t need an Oxford knowledge to express ourselves. It is easier to connect when your posts are short and simple.

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