When the going gets tough

It was Friday, a weekend, I had a many commitments on hand to accomplish.

In no means I wanted to have a bad day ( because of Friday and a weekend) however because the fixtures of the day meant a lot to I and I had worked day and night for this day.

I left for office and the car stereo played Another Brick On the Wall – an amazing Pink Floyd number which I love for their guitar work.

I had an hour to go for the meeting, it takes me approx 15 min to reach work, so an hour’s time was well enough to go ahead and plan my day.

The conference was well ahead the start of the business and people around the globe were to dial in, it was organized by me and the who’s who from my client was involved. It was considered rude if I was unable to make up for the call.

We can only plan, but we cannot plan unplanned activities, at times plan B doesn’t work at all.

As I steered I ended up in a log jam and a traffic mess, and the clock started to tick like a time bomb.

This song turned out to be an omen for me, I won’t play it again.

I had 45 minutes in hand, and things seemed worse, there was indeed a lot of speculation in my mind, do I leave my car and in the mess, do I call or send a cancellation?

I waited in the log jam, took a deep breath and decided lets steer, if I clear the 600m in next 30 mins then still I will be able to make it.

I finally made it to office and started to line up the meeting, to my surprise an email popped up with one of the board of directors saying to reschedule it, and I was like Argghh….

I was not rushing hitherto to get it postponed, however I thought I could drive it and change directions.

I called him up to explain that I had managed to get the time of many on board and it would again take another decade to line up all of them, he agreed with me and we had the call as scheduled and all went well.

Why am I sharing this bit with you, I wanted to make you realize that the movie is not yet over, give it your best and stay positive in adverse situations, this will lead you out as a winner.

Don’t start blaming and creating myth, this song is cursed for me, this road is bad luck avoid it, won’t wear this shirt again.

We can always plan for events, create a plan B however not for unplanned events, unplanned events are surprises thrown our way, it is us by our experience and ability to manage unplanned activities are at test.

When in deep shit, don’t get bothered, remember this is the worse and now it is going to be better forget everything and take a deep breath and take some time to think, recollect your facts and previous experience, there are no thumb rules in life.

So at the end of the day all’s well that ends well and always believe in the saying:

When the going gets tough the tough get going.

I believe you had a lovely weekend, make it your best.

To end despite all odds I believed in myself and all was right in the world.

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