Widening the Aperture of Life | Exploring Options

Are we exploring ourselves or the various options available to us in the spheres of life?

We are busy chasing the moon and landing on the Mars, however we don’t bother or care for the plethora of opportunities or options floating around us.

I recently experienced something wonderful while sitting next to a kid when travelling.

He was the geek kid and downloading Apps from Google play, exploring them selecting some and rejecting others. I believe you all must be aware of mobile apps and Google play.

He was playing with the apps just installed as if they were there installed since ages, some required tilting of mobile to pour water. So out of curiosity I peeped this time to see how does he decide what to keep and what to bin and how does he know the app like a veteran when he had just installed it.

To my amusement each app had a video at the top and he would at the first check out the video and if it appealed to him in the next few minutes then he would go with the app, otherwise he would dump it.

Paperama: An App to master your origami skills
Paperama: An App to master your origami skills

As grownups we don’t open up or explore, I had always installed apps and then uninstalled after finding it disappointing. He was a kid 8 years old yet he was so sensible in choosing what to install.

This extends to all areas of life pertaining to us where we are presented to options however we have been so accustomed to routine than we forget to keenly observe what all options are available to us, rather I would say to change the perspective of viewing.

So the next time you have to analyze please try it from different angles and wear different hats rather than what you are used to.

Enjoy your day…. Have a blasting weekend ahead.

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