It’s The World Photography Day

This morning my mobile and Google helped, rather inspired me to write this post as it flashed that it was The world Photography Day today.

I would be more regular now and share my clicks and posts and rekindle my passion.

Leaf Line – our LifeLine
Enlarged tendrile
Safest place on Earth – Dads Lap
Festivity – Happiness
Just a little bit of Human Touch
Hats OFF

I hope you will like the pictures and I would love to hear from you.

Love you all and wish you all a wonderful photography day and keep sharing your wonderful pictures too.

Peace! Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Real Life Heroes – Putting their life at stake for others

I could not resist myself from pulling my car by the side of the road (the famous NH-24 which is always crowded)  to capture some pics of this man’s work while returning from my work to home. I was stunned to see this person’s job – fearless, bold and requires a lot of courage and talent.

High Tension towers were being installed and new wires were laid to carry power from the power stations to the city.  There are no covers too at the ground just in case he tripped and the rope fastened to him broke(although it was a very thick one so very thin chances of the same, however accidents happen).  It was almost dusk and he had to complete his work, move towards the tower(he was in the middle) and make his way down from the tower. He had been working up there since long and given the soaring temperature of 42 C it was really a brave-hearts work. I wish I could have his name and credit him in this post.

Men at Work
Doing adjustments





Fixing something between the wires
Moving towards the tower before it gets dark


Still way to go and come down – he has a lot of stamina. Real Life Miniature Photography

My heart goes out to salute all those brave hearts who have such job profiles and yet they perform beyond expectations, complaints and any rewards. The matter of fact is that they are not highly paid individuals and yet they are part of a risk affair. God bless such people and give them peace and happiness in life who work their lives out to enlighten others life.

This also highlights another strange contrasting aspect of our social life:

Some pay to have adventure and fun in their life, while for a few it is the way of life, only means of survival – their bread and butter. 

Looking at the photographs I am sure you must have got an idea of the height of the wire he has been working on. What I can guess is 200-250 fts.

Strangest moment was when slowly the passersby stopped watching me click and one of them asked me “Is that a mad person who has climbed up?”. I did not know how to react and had a feeling of how ignorant this person is, I just smiled back to him.

Those who keep on complaining about their life and job try changing gears with this guy who plays with danger and his life in every moment he works.

God bless you all, stay happy keep smiling and Enjoy. A BIG Kiss 🙂


On this first day of 2017 let us welcome the year with the message that may this year bring peace, health, happiness and prosperity and may all your dreams and desires be fulfilled. 


Let us spread the light of happiness and joy and connect more with people and pledge to help and respect others and make the world a better and safe place to live.

Loads of love and a BIG HUG 🙂


Enjoy the lovely and beautiful flower bud of the day.





Last few days have been very tough and busy fore me, my father fainted and got admitted to hospital and discharged last Saturday. He had been fit and fine and was enjoying life at the fullest. We almost lost him and the emergency staff saved him twice with CPR on time. Thanks to the Almighty and the wonderful emergency staff.

Life gave a lesson in many ways – to enjoy life and value what all you have been blessed with. The many pains and miseries were an eye opener and it was sad to see so many youngsters admitted too. Whenever you feel that you are not content with life or feel dissatisfied with what you have or feel fussy about everything just push a visit to a nearby hospital and realise how fortunate you have been.

Enjoy your life and be blessed. Loads of love and a BIG KISS 🙂

If life gives you oranges

Lovely Orange

If life gives you lemons, oh pity lemons. I pity lemon for being the subject of continuous assault by the corporate world which made lemons so infamous indeed 🙂 and making it indeed a  fruit portraying low esteem and low value despite its nutritional and medicinal values.

Said that basically the phrase “When life gives you lemon make lemonade out of it” implies that you were expecting something other than lemon, may be apples. Also the sour taste of lemon makes it a victim.

If, ifs and Ands were pots and pans there would have been no need for tinkers hand.

If there is Life, there is a struggle and if we get oranges and lemons then only we realize the value of sweeter side of our life. Nothing is more fulfilling than the sense of achievement doesn’t matter whether you squeeze the lemons or oranges or sell them.

So life will keep on giving oranges and lemons we need to

1-Add more oranges and give it back to the person.

2-Sell them considering they are diamonds.

3-Make it someone else’s oranges, or look for associating more people with some common area of concern. So now basically it will be a global problem and they everyone needs to look for a solution.

4-Look for ways to bartering it.

So essentially there is no need to worry for lemons and oranges it’s just the way you handle situations and there are no coaching for it, life is the best teacher and it will make you learn what you need to do with your lemons.

Enjoy and lots of love and hugs to all.

Thank you for this beautiful world


A few days back my 6 year old insisted to join me for the morning prayers. She would get up take a bath and join me for the morning prayers.

Thank you Oh Lord for all that you have given to us.









Whilst I did my usual daily prayers and thanked Lord for whatever he has given me. She would repeat word by word after me and to end with she added

“Thank you God for giving us the beautiful world.”

She repeated it again and this time she added, “Hey Daddy ! Why don’t you repeat the last line after me.”

Her prayers were real and full of truth and innocence, she was not asking anything but thankful for what God has given us.

That day my daughter taught me very important aspects of life:

  1. We forget the real joy of life and the abundant things we are blessed with, after all we are the only planet where life exists in the milky way and
  2. Children’s teach us a lot and act as an eye opener to us. We just need to spend more quality time with them.

Let’s start to stop worrying about petty stuff and be thankful to the Almighty for all that you have been blessed with.

Right Here Right Now…

Right here right now is the perfect time to do everything.

Get up get going rock the world because it’s the time to do right now or never.

Right Here Right Now -
Right Here Right Now – Do it now or never

Enjoy the fragrance of life

Enjoy the fragrance of life…

Right now Milk a Cow

Right now Milk a Cow –

Enjoy a dance party or host one.

Enjoy a dance party -
Enjoy a dance party –

Take your favourite ride.

Take your favourite ride -
Take your favourite ride –

Right now play an adventure sport.

Right now play  an adventure sport -
Right now play an adventure sport –

Enjoy a puppet show right now

Enjoy a puppet show right now –

Right here play your favourite music instrument

Right here you need to play your favourite music instrument -
Right here play your favourite music instrument –

Enjoy the Masala Food and add spice to your life.

Enjoy the Masala Food and add spice to your life. -
Enjoy the Masala Food and add spice to your life. –

Dance in the rain…

Dance in the rain –

Listen live to your favourite band right now

Listen to your favourite band live right now -
Listen to your favourite band live right now –

Enjoy your favourite drink right now.


Enjoy your favourite drink right now.


Get your hands dirty on cooking right now –

Get your hands dirty on cooking right now -
Get your hands dirty on cooking right now –


Take the perfect selfie or velfie right here right now, until you succeed.

Take the perfect selfie or velfie right here right now, until you succeed. –


Listen to this song right now – trust me

Trust me – so that you can experience the best video on survival of the fittest right now.

Do it now or regret forever….

Once More…

If you were able to relive one day from the last 12 months, which day would it be — and why?

Seriously for me this would be the time when I celebrate my daughters birthday.

Pearl on her birthday @
Pearl on her birthday @

It is always a lovely and wonderful feeling to see the shine in the face of your child, to watch the joy in their eyes and the happiness in their smile at their birthday. This is the biggest wealth.

They eagerly  wait for this day and in my case she starts counting 2 months prior and prepares the list of ToDos and guests.

Give me another chance so that I can Relive the day once again.

Dear power angel do bless us and give back an extra day to celebrate.