Hope Floats!!!

The world woke up to the shocking ongoing Syria crisis. Humanity took a back seat and Twitter, Facebook and news feeds were flooded with pictures of Aylan Kurdi.

Hope Floats @http://agileopedia.com/
Hope Floats @http://agileopedia.com/

The 3 year old did not understand borders, countries, religion, migrations or immigrations.

He was meant to play, learn, laugh and enjoy; instead he learnt death very well.

I eventually could not resist myself and did some google and was taken aback and felt sad when I saw the stats and the ongoing state of affairs in the country

The country has been unstable since 2011 and there are no signs of recovery.

There has been 220K+ who have succumbed to the causalities out of which 18864 are woman and children (and it is rising). More and more people are taking unsafe measures to flee to neighbouring countries via Turkey to Greece braving the Mediterranean. It has also become a breeding ground for many terror outfits now that are making the most out of this situation.

No parents would put their kids on such a deadly situation and board a makeshift inflatable boat; they have death on both sides waiting for them.

I decided to pick this today as I was really pondering, this is not the only place on earth with such a situation, and there are many places around the globe.  https://crowdvoice.org/ will give you what exactly is happening around the world, it lists voices of protest.

I feel scared; we earn for a living, plan our life, plan our savings, and plan the savings for our children’s future. We don’t plan to fail. We don’t plan for a war, we don’t want a war. No one wants to end up in such a situation, a war torn country. This can happen to anyone and everyone and is beyond our control. Imagine after 5-10 years your country ends up in a huge war like situation with mass causalities.

Everyone will agree that we don’t want another world war and no one would like to witness the fear and torture of ghettos again. Are we heading towards another disaster and lost all faith and humanity.

If the situation continues like this I am sure in the next decade we may see a 3rd World War between terror outfits vs. rest of the world where damage will be beyond thoughts.

I cannot comment on what’s wrong or right or who are at fault but these situations needs to be taken care of at a global level and I wish that we don’t wake up to such news in future.

On one hand scientists, pharmacist, doctors, engineers, teachers and architects are working their heart out on new inventions in all trades to give our children a better future and it takes only a sec to turn everything upside down, no analysis, case study and research is required for such turmoil by extremists who don’t take a second to take a life.

My heart and sympathy goes out for them and all other people under similar situation, May peace prevail.

Aylan taught the world that he did not float and washed away to the shores, it was humanity which floated and got washed away.

Oh God to thee I pray,

Save the world day by day!!!

Hope Floats!!!

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