Christmas is not complete until you have enjoyed the Carols from a week in advance.

Let me share my background over my inclination towards Carols and Christmas. My education till high school was done in a catholic school. We were being taught by Britons who opted to stay back for their love and inclination towards education and obviously their personal choice to remain and teach post-independence. So it was a 100 years old school, spread across huge land and being managed by Catholic and had many British people as the teachers. So you can imagine the atmosphere and the environment in the school, there was very strict adherence of speaking in English and discipline had been the top priority always. The principal and some school teachers were too strict and always carried wooden canes which they used to give corporal punishment if they found any violations.

Despite all this we loved our school as the teachers and the values were much more as compared to the strictness and punishments, may be were used to it and knew how to handle and get away 🙂

Oh, it makes me nostalgic as I write all this; maybe I will dedicate someday a post on my school days. Then there were the Moral Science classes were we gained knowledge on social dos and don’ts and stories related to morality. It was like a relief time for all.

Coming back to the post, I described my school life so that you have a back ground and then we had musical concerts, around Jesus’s life esp. during Christmas, and we had a church inside the school campus which we used to visit. So from there we got used to the plays, concerts and Christmas Carols.

How can I forget Silent Night Holy Night or we Three Kings or Joy to the World.

Thanks and respect to the person who coined these Carols and composed them. It is also heard at times that these schools will imbibe their religion or culture, which I totally defy, I and many others like me have completely enjoyed our 12 years in the school and proud to be part of it.  We were never compelled for anything. We owe whatever we are today because of the environment and opportunities provided to us. Although today the catholic schools are losing their importance and international schools are much sought of.

Today I have carried forward the legacy and my wife and daughter (7+) are better in Carols than me. We enjoy Christmas more than anything else with Cake and Carols.

My Connect

I am thankful to my school from where I picked up these and still enjoy them.

My Pick

My favorite is Silent Night Holy Night

(All April I will be posting about my favourite music artist (as part of the A to Z Challenge), songs or bands and my memories around them and this will help us connect and discover new artists and music genres.)

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