Real Life Heroes – Putting their life at stake for others

I could not resist myself from pulling my car by the side of the road (the famous NH-24 which is always crowded)  to capture some pics of this man’s work while returning from my work to home. I was stunned to see this person’s job – fearless, bold and requires a lot of courage and talent.

High Tension towers were being installed and new wires were laid to carry power from the power stations to the city.  There are no covers too at the ground just in case he tripped and the rope fastened to him broke(although it was a very thick one so very thin chances of the same, however accidents happen).  It was almost dusk and he had to complete his work, move towards the tower(he was in the middle) and make his way down from the tower. He had been working up there since long and given the soaring temperature of 42 C it was really a brave-hearts work. I wish I could have his name and credit him in this post.

Men at Work
Doing adjustments





Fixing something between the wires
Moving towards the tower before it gets dark


Still way to go and come down – he has a lot of stamina. Real Life Miniature Photography

My heart goes out to salute all those brave hearts who have such job profiles and yet they perform beyond expectations, complaints and any rewards. The matter of fact is that they are not highly paid individuals and yet they are part of a risk affair. God bless such people and give them peace and happiness in life who work their lives out to enlighten others life.

This also highlights another strange contrasting aspect of our social life:

Some pay to have adventure and fun in their life, while for a few it is the way of life, only means of survival – their bread and butter. 

Looking at the photographs I am sure you must have got an idea of the height of the wire he has been working on. What I can guess is 200-250 fts.

Strangest moment was when slowly the passersby stopped watching me click and one of them asked me “Is that a mad person who has climbed up?”. I did not know how to react and had a feeling of how ignorant this person is, I just smiled back to him.

Those who keep on complaining about their life and job try changing gears with this guy who plays with danger and his life in every moment he works.

God bless you all, stay happy keep smiling and Enjoy. A BIG Kiss 🙂

13 thoughts on “Real Life Heroes – Putting their life at stake for others

    1. Yes they are daredevils in real life. Thanks a lot for your encouragement 🙂 Have a good day ahead. I wish I had taken his details in order to recognise him here.

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