Kaushiki Chakraborty

She is the living Goddess Saraswati on earth. Goddess Saraswati is regarded as the Indian goddess for knowledge, arts music and wisdom and is the epitome of knowledge and music. When someone has a good voice then he/she is said to have the voice of Maa Saraswati.  At the same time she is regarded humbly beautiful. Comparing Kaushiki Chakraborty to the goddess is no surprise as time and often she has been referred to as Maa Saraswati. She not only has a golden voice and a great command over classical, she is equally beautiful and humble.

The gorgeous “Kaushiki Chakraborty”

Kaushiki Chakraborty is the daughter of renowned Indian classical vocalist and composer Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty of Patiala Gharana. Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty is regarded as a legend of the classical arena and received almost all highest award of country (Padma Shri) and state. It was under his guidance and leadership that Kaushiki Chakraborty started her career when she had shown interest in music at the tender age of 2.

Kaushiki Chakraborty started learning Indian classical music and vocal from a very early stage of her life. Belonging to a family of musicians gave her a platform to start. She started training under Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty’s her father and mentor’s guidance and at the same time she imbibed great moral values from him too. He was a not only a great singer and musician but has very strong moral values which Kaushiki picked up.

In one of the videos here he is seen teaching her daughter Kaushiki as he talks about:

  •  How we need to understand what the kids want,
  • They are super-fast learners and
  • We should not super impose anything on them; rather try to tap the potential in which they are strong.

She would always start her performance with the words “Please pardon me if I make any mistake” despite scaling the Everest of Indian classical arena. It is very difficult to perform Indian classical vocal and it take years of patience and practice, even then people make mistakes.

I was longing to meet and attend her live show since long; even send her a tweet at the beginning of this year, to which she responded. I was fortunate to attend her concert on 03rd April 2016

I was stunned with her humbleness as she gave so much of time to her fans, she fulfilled almost request of all sorts, be it autographs or selfie, she is so calm and composed which is inspiring in itself. That’s how you become a great person in life. She gave autograph to my daughter who also enjoys her music and spoke to us too.

She has a strong fan following in Europe and US and all shows are packed round the year.

My Connect

Thanks to technology and google, Whilst listening to a song in you tube the suggestions came up with recommendations to the same song sung by Kaushi Chakraborty. Thereafter there was no looking back and the song was Lagi Lagaan Pati Sakhi Sang, Raag Hansdhwani

My Pick

It is very difficult to pick one song from her collection, sharing a concert held at Oranjerie Theater in Roermond, The Netherlands:


K for Kenny Rogers is another country music artist and is best known for his single The Gambler which won him the Grammy Awards.

The Gambler was written by Don Schlitz and after a few rejections it was sung by a few which did not get clicked. Later Johnny Cash also picked it up but it was the version of Kenny Rogers which created the magic of The Gambler and it is still one of the best songs which come to mind when you think of country music, trains, gambling, cards and drinks. Amazing song, amazing guitar, amazing voice powered with the best lyrics – it was the golden time when this got composed.

My Connect

I heard the Gambler on radio while I was returning from work; it was strong enough to make me search the song on internet and kept listening to it for a few days.

My Pick

The best song which I like is The Gambler, enjoy it here:



(All April I will be posting about my favourite music artist(as part of the A to Z Challenge), songs or bands and my memories around them and this will help us connect and discover new artists and music genres.)

Hello, I’m Johnny Cash – A TO Z CHALLENGE

 “Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”

This had been the first line Johnny Cash would say to start all his concerts despite all the name and fame. Johnny Cash needs no introduction and was best known for his country side and gospel songs besides rock n roll. He is one of the most successful and admired music artists of his era and still he continues to be. Johnny Cash had his own style of singing and had a very different voice. I personally admire him a lot as his life was full of ups and downs.


His pairing with June Carter, his wife saw some of the best songs to be produced in history, like Ring of Fire. They had a great chemistry on and off the stage.

Walk the line is probably one of the finest songs of Johnny Cash.

My Connect

I never had heard about Johnny Cash until I was in England. When I was back in my home, I used to watch the free to air channels, probably Channel4 and one fine day it was airing Walk the Line, a movie which was a namesake for one of his songs. I was fortunate to watch the lengthy movie from start to end. It was a biopic on the life of Johnny Cash.

The movie though a little long was very well directed as it unfolds Johnny Cash’s story from his younger days till the end, covering the minutest events of his life. It also had included many songs from Johnny Cash, so if you want to witness history of this legend then it is a must watch. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon have portrayed the roles of Johnny Cash and June Carter and they have done justice to it.

My Pick

It is difficult to choose the songs from country music, my pick would be Walk the Line – When you are mine I walk the Line:


This a bonus one- FOR J

J FOR  Janie , Don’t You Take Your Love To Town.

Yes it’s for Jon Bon Jovi, JBJ is one my favourite rock bands which I started to follow early in the list, in the 90’s loved to listen their songs.

I particularly play this song for my wife as she is also named Julian, Janie, so whenever she is off to her Mommas I play it loud (though sometimes I am happy inside 🙂 freedom you see).

Then there is In these arms, Someday I will be Saturday night,

My Connect

Cross Roads was the album, the best of JBJ, this was had been my starting point, the last one I knew was Destination Anywhere album. It had a great track, Tell Me It Was Just a Dream, August 7, 4:15 dedicated to the mysterious disappearance of Katherine Korzilius, daughter of JBJ tour manager.

My Pick

The pick of the band from my side is, Runaway, it is said that daughters grow faster, and as I see my daughter growing up at great pace and acquiring wisdom I would tell her Mom

Ooh, she’s a little runaway, Daddy’s girl learned fast
All those things he couldn’t say.
Ooh, she’s a little runaway.





G for GNR


GNR i.e. Guns n Roses aka Axl Rose, is an American rock band.  They ruled the chart and were a massive hit with their album Appetite for destruction, loved Welcome to the jungle.  Fans were then asked to use their Illusion and they used it very well to make it another successful chart, Use Your Illusion Album was an instant hit and it gathered the momentum which was required.

Roses  N Roses, No Guns – for AXL and team and GNR

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the band and Axl Rose for November Rain.

My Connect

I heard a song which copied the tune of one of their album, it was very late that I discovered the original song and GNR.

My Pick

The pick of the band from my side is November Rain, it is too good to resist and esp. the video of the song, enjoy

(All April I will be posting about my favourite music artist(as part of the A to Z Challenge), songs or bands and my memories around them and this will help us connect and discover new artists and music genres.)


This is my 4th day in response to the Seven Day Nature Photo Challenge where I have been nominated by my mentor Cee Neuner at Cee’s Photography blog.

To take part in the challenge I’m supposed to post one photo per day for seven days, of anything from the natural world. And every day I should nominate a new member.  Today I would like to nominate  MARKOVICH PHOTO ART. Wish you can join in the challenge.

If anyone would like to be nominated for to participate in this challenge, please feel free to connect with me and I will gladly nominate you or you can also let me know in the comment section.

Here is my Day four Nature Photo.

This is ascent of sun rays on the hills and the last one at the time of dusk,  I hope you will love it, let the photographs roll in:)

Sunrise on the mountains
The sun-rays start ascending
Dusk time




F is for falling in love is so hard on the knees, isn’t it. Doesn’t matter with whom you fall in love but one thing is certain it is hard to be in love and harder to retain it, it needs compassion, understanding, trust and feelings for each other.

The harder part as the lyrics says and I like personally is

I was believer when you told me that you loved me
And then you called me someone else’s name

Have you guessed it by now, I am talking about Aerosmith and the song “Falling in love is hard on the knees” from the album Nine Lives. Aerosmith is an American hard rock band and I am a great admirer of them. Steven Tyler puts so much of energy in the albums and a lot of attitude and aggression. Simply great.

My Connect:

I heard the band on MTV back in the 90’s and it was the time when they released 9 lives.

My Pick

I love the song Nine Lives the title track from their album nine lives, Steven Tyler himself imitated the cat’s wail in the beginning of the song. Here it is Enjoy 🙂


C is for Celine Dion, Sir Cliff Richard and Crowded House.

C is for Celine Dion, Sir Cliff Richard and Crowded House.


Celine Dion

Celine Dion is one of the finest female singers we have. Recently she had her birthday (30th Mar) and here wishing her a good life and keeping us blessed with lot more quality music. Recently she had a tough time losing her husband followed by her brother 2 days later. I am sure she will come out of it stronger and bless the world with more of her music.

Sir Cliff Richard

Sir Cliff Richard is amongst the top 3 singers of UK. He has sung in the genre pop, soft music and started with rock. The soft songs which are a must listen include Theme for a dream, Why we don’t talk any more, don’t talk to him and Fall in Love to name a few.

Trivia: It is not known to many but Sir Cliff Richard was born in India, he was born in Lucknow, India where his parents worked as a contractor for the railways.

Crowded House

CH is an Australian band dealing in the genre Rock, pop and ALT Rock. I wish we still had people who can create the same magic with music again.

My Connect

Celine Dion:

As with others my connect was through titanic, which I am sure was a worldwide no 1, My heart will go on.

Sir Cliff Richard:

I just happened to listen Carrie one of his songs and it propelled me to carry on. Thereafter with time I gathered I liking for the singer.

Crowded House:

I borrowed a CD compilation of hard rock from my friend and it had the albums from Crowded House. I immediately fell in love with the songs and they refreshed me whenever I would listen them.

My Pick

Celine Dion:

Although Titanic track is the unbeaten one, however my personal favourite is Immortality with Bee Gees, she sings her heart out in it and owing to the current situation it seems as she is singing it for her husband and he is listening. Sharing a live version please check it out:

Sir Cliff Richard

My favorite I Carrie, this is because it is way too different than most of his songs which are soft and in contemporary Christian music. Enjoy it here:

Crowded House:

This song is a must listen and I use it for my wife and daughter, you need to listen it to believe it, it says “Everywhere you go you always take the weather with you”

I hope you will enjoy the songs, do take out some time to listen it.