This too shall pass….

These are very simple yet powerful four words. This phrase is an adage which signifies that we can use it at good as well as negative moments. It helps you to maintain a balance when you are elated or you are grief stricken or in a tough phase of your life.

The origins lead to Arabs kings although I have not dug much on it.

Indeed I heard a fable around it which I would like to narrate here.

Emperor Akbar belonging to the Mughal dynasty during 1560 had a flair and love for arts, culture and literature. He had a wise courtesan called Birbal. There are many folk-fares of Akbar and Birbal which are famous in the Indian sub continent however this one is short and inspiring.

So once Akbar was having a walk in the town with Birbal and suddenly he asked him “What is the phrase which can be used in both happy and sad moments. When I am sad it will make me feel happy and when I am happy it would make me feel sad.”

Birbal very wit-fully replied,  “Majesty it is indeed, This too shall pass“.

When you are happy it will make you feel sad that this enjoyment is short lived and soon the moment will vanish. When you are low it will make you feel good that it is not here to stay.

Although there are separate origins of the saying and you can do a wiki, I wanted to share this with you all as it is short and inspiring.

Stay blessed and happy…. and keep posting . Celebrating #NaBloMoPo.

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