As I write, I have the hysterical feeling! Oh, I get hysterical, hysteria Oh can you feel it, do you believe it? This is true I really get hysterical.

I am a big fan of Def Leppard and love the band a lot and their dedication and belief on each other.



They are a hard rock and heavy metal band and a genre in itself.It takes me back to the lovely golden days of my college life with the song Photograph and Pour some sugar on me.

The motivating part of the band is a different story which you must know. Allen the drummer of the band lost his left arm in a car crash.  Allen was strong and motivated still to play the drums and use his feet to make up for the lost arm. They designed a special drum and waited until Allen perfected in it for their next release and never had the thought of an alternate drummer. It was after three years of rigorous practice and patience that the band came up with their next album Hysteria which was a huge success and took them to the #1 spot again. This duration is often referred to as the Hysteria Era when talking about the band.

The band members always kept faith in Rick Allen and never thought of a replacement or any kind of discontent in the group. This clearly reflects the love, faith and belief you have on each other especially during a tough time and you bounce back stronger.

My Connect

There was a time when audio cassette and CD ruled, to save cost we used to share with our friends. One of my friends had the album Vault, compilation of hits of Def Leppard. I borrowed from him and took time to absorb it in and understand their music and lyrics. I soon was following Def Leppard and enjoyed the tracks so much since then.

My Pick

The song which is my personal favourite is Photograph:


(All April I will be posting about my favourite music artist, songs or bands and my memories around them and this will help us connect and discover new artists and music genres.)

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